Monday, 27 November 2017

The coalitions podcast: chaos in Berlin, calm in Bonn

Germany's political future is now uncertain after 'Jamaica' coalition talks collapsed. Meanwhile, the global climate coalition is holding strong after a summit in Bonn.

When news broke last Sunday night that coalition talks in Germany had collapsed, there was a brief moment of panic in Brussels. Was Angela Merkel finished? 

As the week went on and it became clear that Merkel's position is for now secure, people relaxed. But what are the real repercussions of political instability in Germany?

One effect could be seen during the UN climate summit in Bonn. Merkel was unable to make any bold promises because she has no government. Expect more of this inertia on the international stage in months to come.

Dave Keating, a journalist based in Brussels, and Tyson Barker, a policy analyst based in Berlin, analyze what it all means for Europe.

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