Sunday, 24 September 2017

The speeches podcast: May in Florence, Trump at UNGA

It's a week of speeches - Theresa May asking for extra Brexit time in Florence, Donald Trump ushering in the dog-eat-dog era at the UN, and Emmanuel Macron spelling out his vision of EU reform.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron will deliver a speech at the Sorbonne in Paris outlining his long-awaited vision of reforming the European Union, to make it more democratic and more decisive. His vision would also make it more federal, giving Brussels more power over budgets for Eurozone countries.

Macron's manifesto comes after Theresa May's Brexit climbdown speech in Florence on Friday, in which she asked for a two-year extension on leaving the EU and acknowledged that the UK will indeed pay a 'divorce bill' in order to leave. 

Her speech followed her rather humiliating appearance at the United Nations general assembly earlier in the week - an appearance that was widely ignored. All the air in the room was sucked up by Donald Trump, who outlined a vision of world diplomacy which would extend his 'America First' vision to every nation.

Every country should act only in its own self-interest, he insisted. He then listed off a list of demands that the US believes certain countries should follow, for the good of the world. It was, in short, completely contradictory.

On this week's Brussels2Berlin podcast, we ask what's next for Brexit after May's speech, and what's next for world diplomacy in the era of the Trump doctrine.

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