Thursday, 10 August 2017

Will Germans really deliver Merkel a historic fourth term?

On this week's Brussels2Berlin podcast, Tyson Barker and Dave Keating talk to Deutsche Welle reporter Sumi Somaskanda about the upcoming German election.

After a rapid rise and even more rapid fall for center-left opposition leader Martin Schulz (see the incredible polling chart below), the common wisdom in Berlin now is that this election is Angela Merkel's to lose. She is up as much as 18 Points according to recent polls.

The election is being cast as a sort of referendum on her leadership. "You know me", she has told the German people.

If you're happy with how things are, vote for Merkel.

And yet as Sumi told is, things are not as rosy as they might appear out in the German heartland. During her road trip she encounted a surprising degree of discontent for a country which is doing so well economically.

So is it really a forgone conclusion that Angela Merkel will remain chancellor of Germany after September? And even if she does, who will she form a coalition with?

Listen to this week's Podcast above to get our thoughts on these questions.

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