Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Is Berlin overthinking dieselgate and Russia sanctions?

On this week's Brussels2Berlin podcast, Tyson Barker and Dave Keating talk about the two issues engulfing Berlin at the moment. Both may be a bit overblown.

Tomorrow here in Berlin, Angela Merkel's government is convening an emergency summit of Germany's automakers to demand an explanation over new allegations of cheating.

With the German election just two months away, to say this will be a political spectacle would be an understatement. But at the same time, there is growing anger over the extent to which Germany's automotive industry controls the government here. Merkel believes the auto execs need to be publicly flogged.

Meanwhile, Berlin and Brussels are also in a tizzy over a new US law doubling down on sanctions against Russia, fearing that they are too harsh and will hurt European economic interests. But wait, wasn't the US under president Trump supposed to relax sanctions, while a hawkish Europe insisted on keeping them in place? What happened here?

We break it down on this week's podcast.

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