Friday, 21 July 2017

On the way in, and on the way out?

On this week's Brussels2Berlin podcast, we talk Turkey, and Brexit. It was a bad week for EU relations with both.

This week Brexit talks began in earnest in Brussels, but EU officials were left exasperated by the lack of a plan on the British side. Earlier this week, I wrote about how the 'business as usual' attitude of UK civil servants in Brussels is making an increasing number of people think Brexit will never happen at all.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, the focus this week was on deteriorating relations with Turkey - a poisonous issue that is seeping its way into the German election. Turkey is supposed to eventually join the EU, but few expect this to ever actually happen. Is that same skepticism now being felt about Britain's planned withdrawal?

Tyson Barker, a former state department official who now works at the think-tank Aspen Institute in Berlin, and I broke down the week's Brexit and Turkey developments in this week's Brussels2Berlin podcast.

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