Thursday, 15 October 2015

Coming home to the Brussels village

My 'Brussels weeks' feel a bit like coming back to my home village.

I’m on the train back to Berlin after a week in Brussels. Given that I’m now four months in with this dual-city life, I was naturally getting a lot of questions during this ‘Brussels week’ about how it’s going. 

So far so good, has been my response. The two cities are so remarkably different so it’s nice to shake things up every two weeks. The train has served me well as a sort of ‘mobile office’, and so far it hasn't felt too disruptive.

I was telling people this week, in a way being back in Brussels feels like I'm back in my home village. It's as if I've moved away to the big city and I'm back at home for a little bit. I walk down the street and pass people I know, catch up on all the gossip, etc. 

 It's great to see everyone and be back in the EU bubble for a bit, but I still feel that Brussels is best appreciated in small doses. Brussels is the smallest city I've ever lived in, and now I love living in a big city again. There's just so much more to do, so many more people to meet. And people in Berlin are doing all kinds of different things.

So it seems like a good balance for the moment. I get the excitement of being in a big, vibrant city while I'm in Berlin, and I get the coziness and the politics during my weeks in the village. It's a good life.

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