Friday, 28 August 2009

Road Trip Up North

I'm off to the North of England for the next week, doing a road trip with two American friends to further our knowledge of this crazy place we live in. I've wanted to do this road trip forever, as the North was the big gap in my visitation of Britain. I've been to most places in Southeast England, Wales and Scotland - but never to the North.

We're starting in Manchester, taking a train up there tonight. We'll spend all day tomorrow in Mancs before renting the car on Sunday and spending the day in Liverpool. We'll then drive to Leeds where we'll spend Sunday night, before heading out to do Yorkshire on Monday, taking in Harrogate and York (the old one). Tuesday we're going to do some Yorkshire castles and then head up to the North York Moors. We'll then drive up to Northumbria and spend Tuesday night in Durham, and then on Wednesday we'll head up to the ruins of Hadrian's Wall, the ancient dividing line between Roman Britain and the great Celtic beyond (later the border between England and Scotland). We'll finish out the day in Newcastle before taking a train back to London that night.

It should be interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing both the gritty industrial Northwest as well as the bucolic moors and dales of the Northeast. I'm also looking forward to hearing all the crazy accents they have up there - we'll be hearing Scouse in Liverpool, Manc in Manchester, Tyke in Yorkshire, Teesside in Middleborough, Pitmatic in Durham and Geordie in Newcastle. It's incredible that such a small area could have so many different accents - we're travelling less than 300 miles! Just goes to show how incredibly different the UK is from the US in terms of accents.

If anyone will be in any of these cities while I am let me know!

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