Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Czech Government Falls

They're falling like dominos in Eastern Europe. The government of the Czech Republic has become the latest to fall as a result of the financial crisis, following Hungary, Latvia and Iceland. The timing is not only scary for the struggling non-Eurozone EU member states, it's also potentially disastrous for the EU presidency, which the Czech Republic still holds until July.

The resignation of the country's center-right prime minister Mirek Topolanek has thrown the government into chaos. With the G20 talks coming up, and an EU-US summit in Prague on 5 April, it remains unclear who is going to be representing the Czech EU presidency, as this role would normally fall to the prime minister. Topolanek was supposed to represent the EU at the G20 talks in London next week. Now it could end up being an empty chair. Or perhaps even more worrying to Brussels, the EU could instead be represented by the controversial Eurosceptic Czech president Vaclav Klaus.

There were more than a few people in Brussels today pointing out that this very bad situation wouldn't be happening if the Lisbon Treaty had already been adopted, as it would end the rotating EU presidency and instead create a permanent president. But the Czech Republic still hasn't ratified the treaty, and the government's collapse will likely delay any ratification until Autumn at the earliest.

It's not a good situation for the EU.


carter.caroline@europe.com said...

More problems for the EU Trough Piggies.

Lets hope Klaus does take over and refuses to ratify the nefarious freedom stealing Lisbon Treaty.

We in Ireland have taken a stand, we hope the Czech's will now stand with us.

If we can hold of the ratification until 2010 then the British will vote out their Elitist Piggys and insist on the referendum promised by the conservative party.

macejkou@gmail.com said...

Unfortunately in our country - The Czech, is still enough people (old or STUPID) which vote for communist party or the other party that is supported by communist.

These people ale lazy, dont want to work, gipsies. Its easier for them to vote the party that throws money to them and dont care about ecomony.

Its sad! I am very ashamed.

poxkus said...

What has Chates written is typical opinion of supporters of the fallen government - "Everyone with a different opinion is stupid, lazy thief". Do you still wonder why did the government fall? And btw. the government was unstable from the very beginning, it did not fall because of the crisis but rather because of internal political reasons.