Wednesday, 27 August 2008

UK set to be most populous EU nation by 2060

Here's an interesting note for those in England who complain about immigration. Just a week after new population figures released in the UK showed that the population in that country is growing at quite a healthy rate, figures released for the EU as a whole show the population trend going in the exact opposite direction. In fact, it shows that because of migration, the UK is going to be the only large country in the EU with a healthy population growth rate after 2015.

According to the study by the EU's statistical office Eurostat, deaths will outnumber births in the European Union after 2015. By 2060, the UK is likely to have the largest population in the EU - 77 million, ahead of France and Germany. And though the EU's population is set to fall after 2035, the UK is set to see a 25 percent population growth over the next 27 years, behind only Cyprus, Ireland and Luzembourg.

This will keep the ratio of pensioners to working people at a healthy rate. Though the EU as a whole will see only two people of working age for every person aged 65 or over by 2060, in the UK the disparity is not expected to ne nearly as stark because of a high level of migration.

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