Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Russia attacks

It’s certainly been a tense couple days, with the west watching in disbelief as Russia launches what seems to be a full-scale invasion of its Southern neighbor Georgia. Considering this is a country that, theoretically, almost joined NATO at the Bucharest summit a few months ago, this is quite a provocation to the West. Nothing seems clear right now about what Russia’s intentions are or even what they’re doing, but one thing is certain: relations between the West and Russia have been fundamentally altered by the last few days events.

According to witness reports, Russian tanks are now making their way to the Georgian capital of Tblisi, and nobody seems to know what they’re going to do once they get there. The Russian military is denying the claims. At the same time, there have been reports that Russian planes are bombing Georgian ships in the Black Sea.

This is a key test for how Europe and the United States are going to respond, and it will be interesting to see whether they take different paths. French president Sarkozy seems to be trying to take a leading role in dealing with the conflict, even suggesting that there should be an EU peacekeeping force put into Georgia. US president Bush’s reaction has been muddled and strangle by the inability of the US to really do anything about it.

All of the EU’s foreign ministers are having an emergency meeting in Brussels today to discuss what to do. But as predicted, there has been little agreement. The Baltic states and Poland are terrified that they’re going to be next, and they’re calling for a complete freeze in relations between the EU and Russia. The UK’s foreign minister David Miliband had some tough talk after the meeting and is calling for action. Germany and Italy are striking a more diplomatic tone and want to keep communication open with Moscow. And France’s foreign minister Bernard Kouchner said that any talk about what this will mean for relations between the EU and Russia have to be put aside until they figure out how to stop the fighting. After today’s events, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Today many people are asking, with the West’s obsession over the past eight years with terrorism, have we taken our eyes of a dangerous and resurgent Russia. Thanks to the US’s overextended military commitments in the Middle East and Europe’s continued inability to defend itself, the West is powerless to do anything about Russia’s aggression. And with reports of raping and pillaging by Russian forces spreading fast and furiously, the reality of the stark situation we’re facing is becoming more and more clear.


Helga Nukk said...

Dear Author of the article,

I'd like to precise that You are omitting to describe the real situation and the reason of the begginnig of this war, the situation of the grave violation of the human rights in Georgia, in the Baltic States by the Governments, in the Ukraina, the glorifying of Nazism there, the desperate situation of the small peoples and minorities living there.

You are omitting to describe that it was Gergia to begin a war and that the aim was the total extermination of the Ossetia population and took its land/territory.
Why do You say nothing about atrocious crimes of the Georgian militars against the civil population of Ossetia?

If the Nato/EU militar forces will go into Georgia it will aggrave the situation of tension between Russia and Nato/USA/EU - Russia is just surrounded enough by these forces, the new bases in Europe are coming, and every stuped event can provoce a new world war.
It's necessary to find a neutral solution to Georgia problem without causing damage to the security of Russia.

Another important question: why Ossetia and Abkhazia peoples don't have a right to self-determination? Why they don't have a right to human rights?
Why Kosovo's inhabitants have had it? Ossetia and Albkhazia peoples are worse than Kosovo's people?

Have You ever asked why there is the very grave situation in the countires like Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Ukraina? A part of population is simply discriminated, repressed, persecuted, segregated, the freedom and human rights are not fo all. The repressed part of population will surelly ask the help from Russia if the Governments of these countries continue to violate the human rights. The rapports of such a situation was made enough, why the EU and the USA don't begin helping the repressed part of population and don't do anything to normalize the situation?

Why do You omit to criticize the Americams and what they are doing in Irak, before criticise the Russians?
What is in the basis of such iniqual treatment?

The testimony of one citizen of Georgia (in Russian):

In Internet I've found this:

Our people have been systematically exterminated for the past 19 years by the fascist Georgian regime, and their inhuman atrocities have been neglected by the world for the sake of geopolitical interest of the United States.
The conflict is being resolved in compliance with international law. However, skillfully applying falsification of historical facts and political insinuations, under a patronage from the US government, Georgia misrepresents reality to the world.
As of today, the major part of South Ossetia has been eradicated by Georgian aggressors. Our elderly, women and children continue to die. The total death toll is unknown as the Georgian side was opening heavy fire at those trying to help the wounded. Including children.
The unmatched Georgian brutality has been vividly displayed in 1991-1992, when they have been firing point-blank at South Ossetian civilians - the Zar tragedy can never be forgotten, a bus full of people shot dead - elderly, women and children. They shot a three-year-old boy trying to hide under his mother s body.
What can we talk about with Georgia? How can we forgive burying people alive, burning people, and torturing people with refined methods? After all this, the world is silent and the Georgians continue killing innocent people. Saakashvili doesn t feel sorry for anybody, even his compatriot Georgians. The notions of "people" and "meat" are not too different for him, and probably he prefers the latter.
For South Ossetia there is only one way to survival - a recognition of its independence by the world community. We appeal to all the good people in the world not to be indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people.

On the site You can find more information.

Best regards,
Helga Nukk

Anonymous said...

the above comment is ridiculous. They are OSSETIANS they are not Russians!! Why should this involve Russia at all? It is so hypocritical for Russia to refuse to allow Georgia to crack down on its seperatist region, when Russia brutally suppresses coutless seperatist regions especially CHECHNYA! If the Russians really cared about the Ossetians they would give them their own state and include their own Northern Ossetia with it. How can the Russians expect anyone to believe their lies about coming to the aid of Ossetians? And the Russian people eat that s*** up! Wake up people!