Wednesday, 16 May 2007


I'm here at the Cleantech Conference in Frankfurt, overall it's pretty interesting. This is my first time in this city (apart from the numerous times I've transfered through the airport), and the first thing you notice is how incredibly un-European it is. It really feels like an American City (an impression aided by the fact that there's tons of Americans here). The downtown is made up of tons of tall skyscrapers, and there's really no quaint "old town" area to speak of. The general impression I get from Germans is that it's maybe their least favorite city in the country (well, aside from Dresden!) beause it doesn't have much character, and feels just like a big conglomeration of skyscrapers. Kind of like if you made Canary Wharf into a whole city.

But, it has some flavour to it I suppose. I went out with my friend Sasha, who I haven't seen since I was in Pragut five years ago, last night. Him and his boyfriend (pictured left) took me out to this great sushi restaurant and then went to the gay neighborhood to a bar there. The city was all pretty quiet, but that was I'm sure partially due to the fact that Thursday is some kind of holiday here and everyone is saving their energy for tonight. We went to a karaoke night at this bar (pictured above), it was fun, reminded me of Pieces back in the day. One thing that was interesting was they give you this card when you go in the door, and when you order a drink the bartender swipes your card rather than taking your money. When you leave, they swipe your card to find out how much you spent on drinks, and you settle up there on the spot. It's a great system because it frees the bartenders up so you get your drinks faster. Those Germans, so efficient!

I'm on a break at this conference, here's a picture of where I am right now. Ha I love pointlessly using technology. I'm going to some panel discussions this afternoon and then I hop on the express train to Cologne to hang out with Hale. I haven't gotten much sleep this trip, and I have to be on a 9:15 train to Hamburg tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can sleep on that train, but that's doubtful.

auf wiedersehen

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