Wednesday, 14 March 2007


I ended up going to Canterbury this weekend, as it was the easiest out of the three options. Stonehenge was too complicated to get to without a car, and the train station at Stratford-Upon-Avon is closed from November to May. It was interesting, if not totally thrilling.

The main reason to go is to see the Cathedral, which is the head of the Anglican Church (as well as the worldwide Angligan union, which includes Episcopalians in the US). It's a gigantic cathedral, sort of the St. Peters of Anglicanism. But everywhere there were these priests dressed in these creepy black robes and capes. I was a bit unnerved by them.

The big attraction of the church is the candle that burns at the spot where Thomas Beckett was murdered, right in the church. I read Beckett in high school but don't remember much about it.
Other than the cathedral there's not much in the town, save for a lot of chain stores and pubs. I went with this girl Lori who I met at Richard's party last weekend. She's also American, moved here just about a year ago from New York. She's from outside Boston, so we're also both from New England. We went to this hysterical reenactment of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales with talking manequins. We both agreed it reminded us of the witch museum in Salem, which is unrivaled in its hysterical campiness.

Nothing much new to report. I got a new bed today, Richard gave me the guest bed from his house. I'm in it now, it's much more comfortable. The bed that came with my room was truly awful, and I was finding myself feeling really achy every morning.

My friend Josh from New York is actually moving here tomorrow, actually I think he's somewhere over the Atlantic as we speak. That should be interesting. He was living here last year for school, and then when it ended he went back to LA, but immediately started looking for a job in London. Who could stay away?

Looking at my calendar today I realized I have people visiting the next three weekends. I just found out that they have quite a long break here for Easter, so I'm trying to make some last-minute plans to go somewhere, preferably by train because I imagine flights for that weekend are going to be quite expensive. Any ideas?

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