Sunday, 18 February 2007

Swiss weekend

I'm here in Zurich for the weekend, flew out Friday morning. It's been a nice, relaxing time. Since I've already been here I don't feel the need to run around doing sightseeing stuff, so we've just been hanging around here, sitting on the balcony as we look out at the Alps. It's insanely warm here. I've been going out with just a sweater on. But then you go about 30 minutes away up the mountain and there's snow everywhere. It's crazy.

Today we went up to some snow-covered peaks and then went to a water park in the afternoon. It's the same one I went to back in August, right on the edge of the mountain overlooking Lake Zurich. It's year-round, you enter the pools indoors and then go outdoors in them, so in theory, it keeps you warm. There's also the water slides, but large sections of those are open-air so it gets pretty freakin cold. I'm pretty convinced I'm going to have a cold tomorrow.

It's funny how normal this is all beginning to seem. I pop over here for the weekend to my family, and my grandmother, who is visiting, and we just kind of hang out. We were talking about how bizarre it is last night, all of us sitting here in Zurich. But it doesn't feel bizarre, it feels quite normal.

Tomorrow we're going for a brunch boat cruise around the lake, then going up to the Bodensee to see the Rheinfalls, which is apparently the Swiss version of Niagara Falls.

Hopefully it will continue to be warm, this is apparently the "warmest winter in 1,000 years." Global warming is still offered as the obvious explanation.

Here are some pictures. That's my brother up in the mountains, and the second one is my mom, dad, brother and grandmother. The rest are of the water park, and then there's one in town by the lake. Enjoy!

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