Sunday, 14 January 2007

New flat

At long last I’m in my own flat. Well, my own room at least. So far it seems ok, although it is quite a bit louder outside than I thought it would be. It faces a courtyard, but it’s a courtyard where everyone enters and the noise really echoes. So right now I’m listening to a chorus of slamming doors, door buzzers, a howling dog, and airplanes flying over head. Hopefully once I get a loud fan it will drown out the noise. The planes are really loud flying overhead, I must be under a flight path. Oh, if only I wasn’t so neurotic about outside noise! Maybe I can train myself. At least I didn’t sign any kind of long-term lease, so I can always move if it gets to be too much.

I did make it to Benedict Arnold’s grave yesterday, after a long pilgrimage with Francis. It’s at this random church in Southwest London, nowhere near any tube stops. And it’s just this relatively unextraordinary grave in the cemetery next to it.

We walked all over looking for it, passed by MI5 (The British CIA). I couldn’t decide how I felt about the building, It seemed a little garish, but maybe also cool. I took a picture of it, judge for yourself.

When we finally reached the church it was well after 5 and closed down. But I wouldn’t let that deter my visit with America’s favorite traitor! So we hopped the wall and started looking through the graves with the light from our cell phones. Eventually we found it, tucked in the corner of the graveyard with weeds growing all around it. And we snapped this photo…

Ok I'm going to go watch some Golden Girls. Nothing like the girls to make me feel at home.

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