Sunday, 17 December 2006

Counting down...

I really can't believe there's just a little over two weeks till I move. I'd say at this point I'm experiencing about 50 percent excitement and 50 percent apprehension. It's kind of coming in waves. At times I'll start thinking about all the things I want to do once I'm there, where I'll travel, etc, and I get really excited. But then other times I start thinking about the stability I'm leaving behind, and I start wondering whether I really have the ca-hones to do this.

I mean it is a pretty major move. I'm going to be thousands of miles away from my family and friends, plopping myself into a city where I know just one person. I try to reassure myself by remembering how well my move to Chicago went, another time when I was coming into a city not knowing anyone. But in that case I did have a grad program, so I had kind of a ready-made group of friends and support system immediately at my disposal. Same goes for DC. In London I won't have that.

If the move is anything like my experience moving to Prague, I'll probably spend the first week freaking out and then once I feel comfortable I'll get over it. It's probably inevitable that the first few weeks are going to be really nerve-wracking and probably not a whole lot of fun, so I'm trying to prepare myself for that now. I'm glad that during this time I'll be staying with Aaron, who I know well and trust. That will be a nice comfort to have.

It's funny, obviously I move a LOT but my personality is actually kind of hard-wired to resist this transient lifestyle. I'm really big into comforts and stability. I like coming home to the same place every night, sleeping in the same bed. I enjoy the small comforts of consistency. If I go too long without sleeping in my own bed I start to get antsy. So this is kind of a big risk for me. But I think it's going to be worth it. I've wanted to do this for so long, and if not now, when? I'm keeping in mind that if it doesn't work ouy I can always come back. But at least I'll know I tried.

I'm very much looking forward to the Christmas holiday. It will be the first time in 3 years my whole family will be home for Christmas. All my visa work will finally be settled, and I can just kind of relax and prepare mentally for the move. Friday night I had a going-away party, it was fun. We're having another big New Year's party at Pierce's place too. If it's anything like last year's it will be crazy. That, for all intents and purposes will probably be my real going-away party, because I'm moving my stuff out of my apartment the next day. And then it's time to set sail across the Atlantic!

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