Saturday, 26 August 2006


I gotta say it is really amazing to be here. I just got in from swimming in Lake Zurich, my dad has a little beach area out there with a table and some chairs. The water is incredibly clean, you can see right to the bottom, it's like swimming in the Caribbean. There's virtually no pollution here. I was just swimming in the water and a swan literally came right up to me. It was a little freaky! I got a picture of it though...

I've been keeping busy. Yesterday I went to the art museum, which was pretty cool. There was this amazing exhibit that I just sat and watched for 20 minutes. Can't even describe it to do it justice.

Today I met with a guy at the IP office at a Zurich university, mixing a little business with pleasure. I figured it would look good to my bosses if I made the effort to meet with some IP people here to prepare for covering European IP from London. It was a good talk actually, I learned a lot and the guy was very helpful.

Although I did find it a little jarring that the guy kept interrupting me. Literally over, and over! After awhile I decided I would wait till I was certain he was done talking and there was a pause, and then I would ask a question. But he would STILL interrupt me after I got out about two words. My dad later told me this is a very German thing, the people he works with constantly do this and it took him awhile to get used to it. I guess it's a cultural thing, but it's hard to understand how constantly interrupting people can be conducive to conversation...

Last night I went out to a bar with a friend of a friend, this Swiss guy named Gianmateo . I hadn't met him before, he's very nice, he's a student here. We talked for a long time about European politics, Swiss customs, language, etc. We went out for lunch today too, got some food at a grocery store and took a funicular up to this cliff to eat it. It was very nice.

Me, my dad and my brother are going to drive to Geneva early tomorrow morning. We're going to stop in Bern for lunch and also Lausanne if we feel like it. The great thing about driving is we can stop and explore whenever we feel like it.

I'm feeling good about this, it's making me very inclined to do the London move so far. But we'll see. Pierce arrives early Monday morning. Expect some pictures of mountains when I return!

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