Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Feeling up the German chancellor

Well as the world waits anxiously to see if the Lebanon crisis will lead to World War III, our president is busy feeling up the German chancellor.

This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Meeting with leaders of the eight industrialized nations at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg, Bush strides into the room, make a bee-line for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and proceeds to massage her neck!

Watch the video, it’s hysterical. Merkel looks so creeped out, she at first recoils and makes this uncomfortable face, then she throws her hands back and pushes him off.

The funny thing is I only heard about this from one of my friends in Germany, it’s getting a pretty significant amount of play there. I think Bush is taking this whole Merkel lovefest thing a little too far! This can’t be good for her at home, this is gonna get played just like the Lieberman-Bush kiss is in Connecticut. Moral of the story: do not touch this man!!

And by the way, I did an English-language Google news search for this and all I came up with was a brief mention in today’s LA Times article about the summit, which says that when she received the massage Merkel “smiled”. That does not look like a smile to me! It looks like she’s about to pull out her mace!

So as the globe careens toward crisis and panic, it’s nice to know our president can remain so casual with foreign leaders. Tossing around profanities with Tony Blair after greeting him with "Yo, Blair"; complaining that the other world leaders, “talk too long.” And now an unwanted neck massage for the chancellor of Germany.

This better be on the Daily Show tonight.

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