Monday, 20 June 2005

London Visit

So after a very long hiatus from blog-writing I have returned. Since I was writing so much for work last quarter the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was write blog entries. But now I'm back to doing broadcast so I'll be starved for opportunities to write, so you'll once again be blessed with my pearls of wisdom.

I just got back to Chicago from being all over the place, I took 6 airplanes in 2 weeks, I never want to get on another plane again. But it was worth it.

I flew to Connecticut and spent a few days with my family, then went into New York and hung out with my friends there before flying to London for a week with my friend Pierce to stay with our British friend Aaron in London. Then I flew back to New York, hung out with the New Yorkies again, and then back home to the fam before flying back to Chicago.

London was great, I had a really nice time. I had no phone or internet access the whole time I was there which at first stressed me out but it ended up being really nice actually, especially after all the stress I had to deal with that week before i left.

I'd have to say the most interesting thing we witnessed in London was "Big Brother Live" on BBC4. Apparently we had a Big Brother here in the US that didn't really catch on, but they're on their 5th season there, and now they have this thing where for like 2 hours they show a live feed from the house in the middle of the night, and everyone gathers around the telly to watch these people in the house sit around and pick their noses. So strange....and I really couldn't imagine it catching on here. People's attention spans are too short.

Gotta say I was much more impressed with the tube on this visit than the last one, probably because last time I was in London I almost exclusively rode the circle line and it was a weekend with a lot of problems. We didn't once have to wait longer than 3 minutes for a train, at any time of day. They may be slower than New York trains but at least they come very frequently. When I was back in New York waiting for the C train that never came at West 4th for 20 minutes I have to say my confidence in the New York subway system's supremacy over all others was a bit shaken.

So I'm getting ready for my broadcast quarter, not feeling very excited about it actually. But maybe that will change once I get into it. You can watch me report Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:30 on WYCC, channel 20 in Chicago and channel 12 in Evanston. I'm general assignment so who knows what I'll be covering. I'll also have to anchor some shows but hopefully I can keep that to a minimum.

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